2022 Preview of Champions Information


The Pitman Preview of Champions is the first event in the Northern California Band Association's fall line up of band reviews and showcases high school marching bands from throughout Northern California, including many San Joaquin Valley high schools. 

The Pitman Preview of Champions! Pitman High School invites family, friends and the city of Turlock to come out and cheer on their favorite marching bands in a parade of pageantry and music! Then after the parade, join us in the Pitman Quad for FOOD TRUCKS, fun and and Live Awards presentations!

    • Parade judging takes place from approx 9:15am-11:30am on North Tegner Rd at Atherstone.

    • Drumline / Percussion judging takes place from 8:55am-11:00am on Sandstone St.

    • Awards presentations at Approx 12:15pm

The marching bands are separated into divisions based on the number of students in the group and the groups compete against similarly sized in a military style marching competition where they are judged on the following.

Music: the difficulty of the piece, the accuracy, musical technique and expression as the piece is played by the band. 

Showmanship: band & guard uniform coordination, how the whole group looks as they perform, the precision and carriage of the musicians, musicality of how the band interprets the music. 

Marching: how the whole group looks as they move along as well how the individual musicians look, the difficulty of the color guard routine.

Auxiliaries: the color guard is judged in how well they perform with and interpret the march.

Drum Major: the drum majors are judged on the creativity and execution of the baton routines they usually perform just before the band begins the march. They are also judged on their salute as they pass the judges and their overall presentation as they lead the band.

Percussion: the drum line can compete separately and the groups are judged on how well they play, the marching routine of the musicians and how well the two work together.

Sweepstakes: these awards are given to the band, regardless of division, with the highest numerical score in the marching, showmanship and parade areas.